• Mathematician
    Tennis Player
  • This is Caitlin's Millfield
  • Quick-fire mental maths,
    exquisite sounds
    tactical play.
  • “I love working out the answers in my head as quickly as I can!”
  • I have always loved counting, numbers and times tables and really enjoy using them for problem solving. I love working out the answers in my head as quickly as I can! We are able to use interactive whiteboards in some lessons and iPad apps to help support what we are learning. My other favourite subjects are English, Science, PE and Music. The teachers at Millfield Prep are really supportive and enthusiastic about the areas they teach and this really motivates me. I am reading a lot more than I used to and writing more extended stories too.
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  • I love the sound and pitch the flute makes when you blow into it and the feeling it gives you when you play a piece beautifully. The flute also blends in well with the other instruments of the wind band and you can always hear it in an orchestra; it sounds exquisite. I have a private lesson for 40 minutes every week and I play in the school orchestra, wind band and flute group. I go to regular practice sessions which keep me focused. I have taken part in the school Autumn Concert and also a really interesting display called “Sculpting Sound” where we musicians played music while the artists painted on the floor to the music they heard.
  • “The flute sounds exquisite and you can always pick out its sound in the orchestra.”
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  • “The coaches are excellent and have helped me become a better sportswoman.”
  • I have been playing tennis since I was 6 and have always enjoyed the fast pace of racket sports. I love the tactical elements of the game; it’s rather like playing chess! My main highlights have been making it to the Summer National Finals for both 9U and 10U and playing No.1 County Cup last year. Having moved to 12U, I am hoping to play at Wimbledon, if I win the Road To Wimbledon County Finals. The coaches are excellent at motivating me and have helped me become a better sportswoman. The facilities are amazing and the amount of sport we get to do on a daily/weekly basis is amazing, from fixtures on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, to squads and team practice. It’s brilliant!
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  • I was born in Dublin, Ireland, but moved to England when I was four and I now live in Sevenoaks, Kent. I joined Millfield Prep in Year 6. love the group of friends I have made; they are all so much fun and have made me feel really welcome here. School life is extremely busy and hectic, with early morning squads and activities most days, but I wouldn’t have it any other way and I love every minute of it! There is a really good structure and routine to the week, with an excellent range of activities to do on Sundays. From kayaking to bowling, go-karting and trips to the cinema. My houseparents make sure I am always prepared for the day ahead every evening and they check up on me at school to make sure I am okay and have no worries about anything.
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