• Chemist
    Rugby Player
  • This is Jed's Millfield
  • Chemical reactions,
    creating recipes
    and improving my game
  • “I love to do the practical experiments and use the specialist apparatus.”
  • We have well-stocked science laboratories and get to do some interesting practical work. Being able to use the apparatus and do experiments helps us learn so much more than just reading the text books alone. I particularly like Chemistry and carrying out experiments that have exciting visual results. We recently mixed lead nitrate and potassium iodide and they reacted to form a yellow precipitate of lead iodide – the reaction was so bright and surprising! Our lessons teach us how to plan, carry out and evaluate the results of our experiments carefully to make sure that they are accurate.
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  • We have a big kitchen at school with a number of ovens and all the equipment you could ever need. I have a two-hour lesson every Saturday and really look forward to it. I’ve recently made cakes and scones and they turned out quite well. My entire year group cooked with rations during our World War II day and it was interesting to see how you can adapt recipes to the ingredients available. I’ve always enjoyed being in the kitchen and love to cook at home, especially pasta dishes. I cooked spaghetti aglio olio and added some foraged wild garlic to the pesto. Everyone asked for more!
  • “I like to follow recipes and also think about how I can change them to make them even better.”
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  • “My coach has really helped improve my skills and focus on learning the techniques of the game.”
  • Rugby is my favourite sport; I love that it is action-packed, fast paced and I can be part of a team. Before I arrived at Millfield Prep I hadn’t played rugby. It has been a learning curve but I’ve been encouraged by my coach and helped to understand the rules and improve my skills. I started out as a winger then a hooker. I play for the U11A and Sevens teams and a highlight for me was winning the plate tournament at the Monkton Sevens. It is a good feeling to lift the prize with your teammates all around you and it boosts you for the next game.
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  • I came to Millfield Prep two years ago when my family moved from Kent. We live fairly close to the school but I flexi-board three or four nights a week. It means I don’t have to spend too long in the car each day. I get to be included in the fun bits of boarding and see my family too; it’s the best of both worlds. My houseparents are very supportive and help me prepare in the mornings and for matches and remind me to be organised for the school day. There is so much to do here with amazing facilities. I’ve made new friends and get to play lots of sport. I would sum up the experience here as challenging, fun and always busy!
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