Millfield has a long tradition of welcoming pupils from around the world.  Currently, 20% of our pupils are international and comprise over 70 nationalities.  International pupils are fully integrated into all aspects of school life and bring diversity to the Millfield community.

We have a special interest in the pastoral care of all overseas pupils and we aim to help them settle happily and smoothly into their new environment.  When a new pupil arrives, they are warmly welcomed to the school routine, which may at first feel unfamiliar to them. If English is not the child’s first language, the EAL (English as an Additional Language) department is here to help. Our specialist staff provide English language tuition in small groups, allowing pupils time to acquire English language skills at their own pace, until they are confident enough to move into their subject lesson. The International Student Association at the Senior Schools exists to promote the interests of international pupils and enriches the school by drawing upon the cultural diversity within the pupil population.

Millfield Prep School offers a unique educational and cultural programme for non-English speaking international pupils aged between 7 and 13.  For further information, please click on the English Language Programme link opposite.