Year 2 help design products with Year 5

Pupils in Year 2 have been helping the Year 5 pupils with their designs for a new educational product. The Year 5’s visited the Year 2’s to learn about their likes and dislikes for research, to better understand their target market.

Using this information, the Year 5's will be creating their product, and hopefully sharing the final design with the pupils in Year 2 later in the term.

This visit was also an opportunity for some of the Year 5 pupils to help the Year 2’s transition on to Year 3. Next year, some of the current Year 5’s will become 'Year 6 Supporters', who’s responsibilities include helping with playground issues, playing games with the Juniors, and assisting staff both on the playground and during wet breaks. To help with the younger pupil’s transition, the Year 5 pupils introduced themselves to Year 2, spent time looking at the pupil’s work and answered any of their questions.