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'80s v 90s' Rock & Pop spectacular!

Creative Arts


Weeks of preparation and hard work culminated in some great performances from all the pupils involved. The throwback theme for this year’s event was 80s vs 90s and we heard a huge variety of...>>

Year 6 Supporters help pupil transition

Boarding & Day


We have recently introduced the roles of Year 6 Supporters. The pupils are identifiable by a wristband and will be supporting the Junior pupils during the school day. The pupils selected to...>>

Making new materials with Year 5



“That was the BEST LESSON EVER!” was the cry from Year 5 this week when they got the opportunity to make ‘gloop’ as part of their IPC unit, ‘Making New Materials...>>

Apple Education Days



Over the last couple of weeks all pupils in Years 3 to 8 have had lessons with an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) on the theme of ‘Using the iPad Creatively’ and the technique they...>>

IAPS Basketball champions for third consecutive year

Sport & Activities


Our U13 basketball team travelled over to ACS Cobham International School for the IAPS basketball championships. The pressure was on to continue the squad's tradition of excellence and win the...>>

Putting pen to paper

Boarding & Day


In Hollies boarding house, the girls put pen to paper and wrote a number of letters to friends, family and some more unusual recipients. Everyone enjoyed the activity and commented on how nice it...>>

Rifle shooting club off to a good start

Sport & Activities


Rifle shooting club has got off to a good start this term, with everyone getting at least 9/10 in the black centre of the targets. Scores were getting so high that a tougher challenge was needed,...>>

Year 4 aquarium trip



Year 4 went to the aquarium in Bristol to kick off their new inquiry unit, Land, Sea and Sky. It was lots of fun and very informative. The children did some detailed sketching which we...>>

Scaling the heights at Clip 'n Climb

Boarding & Day


As part of their busy weekend programme, some of our brave senior boarders had a great time scaling the heights at Clip ‘n Climb....>>

Boarders' Birthday Fun

Boarding & Day


Boarders have been thoroughly enjoying celebrating with their friends - James in Edgarley Manor treated his housemates with a delicious hockey stick cake and a surprise visit from The Games Pod,...>>

Chess Championship Success



Five Millfield Prep pupils competed in the Somerset Junior Championships at Peasedown St. John School. Congratulations to Nidal Shah and Tansy Fowler who finished 2nd...>>

Year 8 perform West Side Story

Creative Arts


A huge cast of over 70 Year 8 pupils produced a special and memorable performance of the much loved production, West Side Story. The soloists impressed, the dancers bedazzled and all in all it was...>>

Confident Year 7 Speak Out contestants



Eight Speak Out finalists battled it out for the coveted Year 7 Speak Out shield and the Pupils’ Favourite award. Every class was represented by a finalist and each one spoke engagingly on a...>>

A Christmas play with a poignant message

Creative Arts


The Juniors delighted their audience with their performance of Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!, a Christmas play with a very special message, helping us to understand that...>>

Time to make clocks



Year 7 pupils have been busy in their DT lessons, designing and making their own working clocks. Each one is unique and shows the personality of its maker.>>

Year 5 and the Mayan Empire



This week, Year 5 have been looking at the decline of the Mayan Empire. In groups they came up with reasons why they might have declined and then linked their ideas together using thoughtfulness...>>

Fibonacci maths with Year 8



Some of Year 8 have been really enjoying studying Fibonacci in maths and have been successful in creating their own Fibonacci spirals by firstly drawing out the numbers in sequences to create the...>>