Building firm foundations

Millfield is an innovative school which frequently takes the lead in educational development. Our methods are continually evolving, but our primary aim remains constant: to help our pupils to build firm foundations for their future lives. We foster good work habits, self-discipline, confidence and concern for others which will stand them in good stead throughout their education – and well beyond.

Discovering and developing potential

We offer children an unrivalled education in a friendly learning environment that will give them a solid foundation for life. Some children exhibit obvious academic ability from an early age; others do not, and may lack confidence as a result. We strive to discover the aptitudes, build the self-esteem and develop the potential of every one of these children and to help them develop to the very best of their abilities. Every pupil is different and learns through different methods. For those pupils who are more naturally talented and learn faster we have the Extension and Enrichment programme. For pupils who have learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, we have the Learning Development Centre, which aims to bring out the very best in the pupils who use it.

Small class sizes

High levels of individual attention are central to achieving our aims and with small class sizes that rarely exceed 16 and are often less, our teaching staff are able to ensure this. Small class sizes mean that teachers have to spend less time trying to control pupils, meaning instead that they can spend more time focusing on actually teaching pupils and giving individual attention to each pupil to help their with their own unique needs.

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