Volunteering and conservation at Shapwick Nature Reserve

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Every Wednesday afternoon a group of children from Year 7 and 8 are selected to visit Shapwick Moor Nature Reserve owned by the Hawk and Owl Trust on the Somerset levels. The children are involved in voluntary work on the reserve as part of our Multi Activity Programme. The volunteers working on the reserve are always delighted to see a minibus load of enthusiastic Millfield Prep children arrive each week to help out. It is amazing how much of an impact a one and a half hour session of hard work every Wednesday can have on the landscape. Hot chocolate and biscuits are always well deserved after a busy afternoon out on the levels.

Shapwick Moor was acquired by the Hawk and Owl Trust in 2007. It forms part of the larger network of reserves managed specifically for nature conservation known as the Avalon Marshes which lies within the Somerset levels, the largest lowland wetland remaining in the UK. The 55 hectares, which were once used to grow a variety of arable crops, are now being restored to semi natural grassland .

Throughout this academic year, Millfield Prep pupils have helped to clear out ditches, maintain footpaths, build a bird hide, plant hedges, create wetland areas, fix benches and moved a lot of soil and dead wood.