Year 6 Supporters help pupil transition

We have recently introduced the roles of Year 6 Supporters. The pupils are identifiable by a wristband and will be supporting the Junior pupils during the school day. The pupils selected to be supporters have been instrumental in creating the role. They have put forward ideas as to how they can help other pupils based on their experiences as Juniors. They will be working on a rota system during break times and will be on hand to help where required. They will also be involved with easing the transition for Juniors into Year 6 when the time comes and assisting Pre-Prep pupils with their transition from Year 2 to Year 3. 

The supporters have completed part one of their training where they took part in team building activities and small group discussions, focusing on the qualities needed to be a great supporter to others. Part two of their training will happen next week, and then their official roles will start.