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We view the pupils who have support in the LSC as individuals who have learning differences not difficulties. Pupils with Specific Learning Differences (SpLD) from Year 9 right up to Upper Sixth can receive support from our team of experienced and well qualified LSC teachers. We have 8 full time staff, 3 part time staff, a Speech and Language Therapist, 13 peripatetic staff and 4 visiting Educational Psychologists. We are based at the heart of the school within a main teaching block alongside the English, History and Religious Studies departments.

Some pupils arrive at Millfield with learning differences that have already been diagnosed such as dyslexia or dyspraxia. Other pupils are identified through our extensive screening processes and are subsequently assessed by a Specialist SpLD teacher or an Education Psychologist. We aim to ensure that pupils with learning differences are identified as early as possible in their Millfield career to ensure that the most appropriate support is put in place as quickly as possible. This allows our pupils to develop appropriate learning strategies that will allow them to achieve in line with their potential.

Lower School LSC support

The LSC offers two strands of support to SpLD pupils in the lower school:

•    We have a dedicated team of LSC English teachers who deliver the English scheme of work in Year 9.

•    For pupils in Years 10 and 11, we are able to offer either Edexcel GCSE or the Edexcel IGCSE Language and Literature examinations, allowing us the flexibility to match the needs of the pupils to the most suitable exam syllabus.

•    We also have a team of experienced SpLD qualified teachers who deliver Study Support to small groups, where we cover areas such as learning styles, revision strategies and examination techniques. Within the Year 9 Study Support lessons there is a focus on literacy skills, grammar and punctuation. In Years 10 and 11, more emphasis is placed on supporting pupils with their individual GCSE subject choices and helping them develop skills, to encourage and support independent learning.

Sixth Form LSC Support

In the Sixth Form we continue to support SpLD pupils in small groups; these sessions are timetabled in a pupil’s private study periods. Identified pupils will attend the LSC at least once a week and receive information and advice on topics such as study skills and an introduction to the assistive technologies which are available in school for their use, to aid independent study. Pupils will have access to software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, Read and Write 11 and Inspiration Mindmapping.

For those SpLD pupils who may only need occasional access to the LSC to seek guidance and support we have lunchtime workshops, which are staffed by both LSC Study Support and LSC English staff.

Exam Access Arrangements

For those pupils who meet the examination boards’ criteria we can provide a range of exam access arrangements including  additional time, readers, scribes and the use of laptops. We have a team of experienced external invigilators who help to provide this service for end of year exams, Controlled Assessments, rehearsal exams and external GCSE, AS and A2 exams. There is a small hourly charge for separate exam invigilation see Millfield Fees Sheet for more details.

Individual Support

For those pupils who need more specialist support we are able to provide 1:1 lessons with either a Speech and Language Therapist or a peripatetic Teacher. We are also able to offer vision therapy with a learning support assistant. There is an additional charge for these 1:1 sessions, please see Millfield Fees Sheet for more details.

Building self-esteem, easing the journey

The LSC aims to encourage pupils, build their self esteem and set them on the road to independent learning. By having high expectations and developing positive working relationships we aim to maximise opportunities and success for our SpLD pupils.