High praise at Intermediate House Debating final

Special guest, Paul Brookes, Key Accounts Director at Trinity Mirror Group attended the Intermediate house debating final which saw Great take on The Lakes.

The boys in Great were triumphant on this occasion in arguing the proposition ‘This House believes that more learning takes place outside the classroom than within it.’

Cameron Baxter-Allen opened the case for the proposition, assuring the audience that in terms of our future skills and abilities in managing people, there is far more to be gained outside the classroom than within it. Emily Chapillon countered this argument with a powerful demonstration of the relevance of formal education in terms of the options open to us if we have the right qualifications. Harry Szulc then expanded the proposition argument by providing a range of compelling reasons why our learning beyond the classroom is invaluable. Tash Nobbs from The Lakes then rebutted many of the proposition’s points before extending the case for her team. It fell to Issy Spencer-Shellard to summarise for the opposition; a task she did with great confidence, employing a range of rhetorical devices effectively. Max French had the final word for the proposition, confidently identifying the salient points in the argument.

In his remarks, our guest of honour, Mr Paul Brooks, Key Accounts Director for the Trinity Mirror Group, spoke of his admiration for the speakers who were so confident in expressing their views. He explained the importance of effective communication and the power of persuasion in his day to day life in publishing and journalism.