Sixth Form pupils visit India on school exchange trip

During half term four Sixth Form pupils visited Welham Girls' School in Dehradun, Northern India on a school exchange. They stayed with host families during their trip.

During the week long visit, the girls attended seven lesson each day before games and outings in the afternoon and were made to feel very welcome by their hosts. The group learnt a lot about different religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, which are the main religions of the school.

On one trip the group visited Rishikish where they watched a Hindu ceremony by the river Ganges. They also visited a Buddhist temple, in Clementown about 30 minutes from the school and were joined by one of the pupils that visited Millfield last summer, who taught the girls more about the Buddhist religion.

Outside of the school, the group also visited two charity organisations. The first was an animal shelter which was set up by the mother of a Welham pupil taking part in the exchange.  

The girls also visited Purkal Development School which was set up to help educate young children between the ages of 4-15 living in poverty, and to enable their mothers to work and earn their own money to become independent. Since it started the school has been affiliated into a CBSE school for over 435 rural children. Visiting this school was eye opening and inspirational and an experience the group will always remember.

Through their host families, the girls were able to experience more Indian culture and hospitality including one memorable evening spent enjoying a homemade curry and trying on traditional colourful saris and jewellery.

Pupils from Welham Girls' School will make their trip to Millfield later this year.