Games Programme - Year 11

In Year 11 pupils may be specialising in the core or selective sports more across two terms or choose to diversify and pursue a mix of sports sessions each term. The basic premise is that they pursue at least two different sports across the three terms, for a minimum of three sessions per week for the duration of each term (they do not need to continue a sport for two terms, and are perfectly entitled to change each term).

For boys, these sessions will largely be Monday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. For girls, they will largely be Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons (all Year 11 pupils must be registered for games on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons).

During summer term, Year 11 pupils are considered as Seniors for games, and therefore the Sixth Form Programme applies.

Boys' Games - Core Programme

Rugby                 Rugby 7s (pre-selected)         Tennis (team only)

Girls' Games - Core Programme

HockeyHockey                Cricket
Netball        NetballTennis             

** The fitness option is only available to girls in Year 11 during autumn and spring terms, and for both boys and girls in the summer term. It includes a portfolio of activities such as aerobics, gym, pilates and yoga. In order to choose fitness as a games option (in contrast to recreational times), girls will need to include at least two different options from this portfolio each term, whilst boys can choose gym or yoga. The fitness staff will discuss and coordinate a structured, progressive fitness programme with pupils (i.e. they cannot do more than two sessions of gym each week).

Outdoor Activities & Games changes

Pupils who find themselves strongly incompatible with any of the games of the term may, after the first two weeks of term, seek approval from the Head of Games to enrol in a structured programme of outdoor activities, such as orienteering, climbing, canoeing and/or sailing. This programme must include sessions on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.

Having made their games choice, pupils may only change once during the term and can only do so after the first two weeks of the term up until the end of the first week after half term. Changes must be processed through the Sports Co-ordinator with the approval of the Head of Games, using the Change of Games Form.

Sports Specialists

Pupils who consider themselves sports specialists can apply to the Director of Sport or Head of Games to pursue their sport instead of the game of the term. Relevant sports include athletics, basketball, cricket, dance, fencing, football, golf, hockey, modern pentathlon, netball, riding, rugby, squash, swimming and tennis. Such pupils will typically be Sports Scholars, though being a scholar in a particular sport doesn’t automatically grant exemption from games of the term (dependent on individual development needs). Specialist programmes will include sessions on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.

Pupils who specialise in other, more selective sports can apply for partial exemption from games of the term for one session per week. Examples of such sports include badminton, clay shooting and skiing. An existing performance record will be asked for. Ensuing programmes must include sessions on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.

Scholars outside of sport

Pupils who are scholars in academics, art, chess or music may apply to the Head of Games for dispensation to drop one session of games each week, to pursue their specialisation instead. If approved, the relevant Head of Department would assume responsibility for ensuring the pupil is occupied in their specialist pursuit during what would otherwise be their games session.