Athletics is available to all pupils across the academic year. The Millfield Activity Programme (MAP) allows pupils to experience the sport and try all of the event areas on the programme. Older pupils, or those competing at a more advanced level, can select athletics as a full-time option. Younger pupils can participate in athletics alongside the game of the term in lunchtime sessions with the coaching team. Full-time athletes can compete in both indoor and outdoor competitions in spring and summer terms while all pupils can choose athletics in the summer term and represent the school in competitions both home and away.

Athletics Philosophy

Coaches and pupils work together to develop a philosophy and set of guiding principles which athletics operates by:

  • Provide a warm and friendly environment where friendships and teamwork can flourish
  • Provide a supportive and challenging environment where pupils can demonstrate their commitment and passion for sport, becoming role models for younger pupils
  • Support all athletes to be independent and take ownership of their training and performance
  • All pupils are supported in developing a growth mind-set and an understanding that all athletes can improve
  • Training programmes will be tailored with a outlook to develop long-term success  as a priority over short-term results
  • All athletes will be coached to create a diverse training background across multiple events
  • Provide appropriate training programmes and coaching for all levels, from beginner to aspiring international performers
  • Provide appropriate competition opportunities and support  for all pupils from beginner to those competing at international level
  • Where appropriate, provide opportunities for athletes to utilise support services such as strength and conditioning, emotional intelligence and lifestyle support
  • Movement quality is a priority over volume of training

Athletics Specialists

Our athletics specialists train year round between five and six days per week, they are coached in the following areas:

  • Event technical requirements
  • Running mechanics sessions
  • Running conditioning relevant for the event area
  • Strength and conditioning

One to one coaching

One to one coaching is available to those athletes who reach English Schools’ entry or national standards. Depending on the pupils performance level the following may be available if required:

Sixth Form

  • One to one sessions in personal study sessions to work on technical skills
  • One to one strength and conditioning sessions with the athletic development coaches

Years 9 to 11

  • Support to train within the academic timetable when appropriate and required