• Scientist
    Horse Rider
  • This is Maisie's Millfield
  • Investigating rocks,
    performing live
    and spending time with my pony.
  • “The machines at the Science Centre were enormous and we learned a lot about rocks.”
  • I love to do science experiments as they can be really exciting. In class a little while ago, we used different types of magnets to find out which one was the strongest. I was surprised that it was the smallest one! We went on a trip to the Earth Science Centre and saw a huge quarry. It was interesting to examine rock samples and find out about their properties. My teachers make lessons really fun and they have encouraged me to try hard and improve all the time. I also love Maths, English, Art and Music.
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  • I really like to be part of our big plays and I’m not worried about speaking in front of lots of people. I enjoy my Speech and Drama lessons, which I have once a week and I read a poem, Magic Carpet, in the Verse Speaking class at the Bath Festival – that was fun! Last Christmas, I was one of the Cratchett children in Scrooge. I love dressing up and being that character; it’s funny to see all my friends in their costumes too. Sometimes we do a play about what we have learned in class. Ancient Greeks was a favourite and we even made a huge Trojan horse to wheel on stage! We usually have lots of singing and dancing in our plays and our families and friends love to come and watch.
  • “I was glad when Tiny Tim got better again!”
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  • “I love being able to keep my pony at school.”
  • One of my favourite times in the week is getting to ride my pony, Star. She is here with me at school and I have four lessons a week. What I love about riding is that you are not always doing the same thing, it is surprising to see what the pony does and I like learning how to control her and ease her over the jumps and steer her around the riding school. I was proud to win an award in Assembly recently for Dressage and a ‘Prettiest Pony’ award. There was a British Eventing Horse Trials here in the spring and we now have a really amazing cross country course that we get to hack around with the instructors – one of the jumps even has a mini Glastonbury Tor on top.
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  • I was born in Kingston-upon-Thames and I have been at Millfield since Year 2 when we moved to Somerset, so I had a year in Millfield Pre-Prep before starting at the Prep School. I like it because my sister and I can keep our ponies here and we get to see them often. I’ve got lots and lots of friends here and all the teachers encourage me and make learning fun. Being here is busy, fun and exciting!

    Maisie is a day pupil at Millfield Prep More information about being a day pupil