RJOM Scholarship Fund

The RJOM scholarship is a special award, set up in tribute to Millfield's founder 'Boss' Meyer at his funeral. Its purpose is to provide scholarships for the children and grandchildren of Old Millfieldians to study at Millfield.

Many generous Old Millfieldians give £10 or more each month to this cause, and several individuals have chosen to make a substantial provision in their will, which will eventually establish their own educational legacy at our school.

The first award recipient will start in September 2019 from which point these gifts will have a profound impact, providing unimaginable opportunities and a world class education to bright young people who could not otherwise afford it. Through investment by our Foundation, gifts will be sustained for many generations, far beyond the donor's lifetime.

For every 100 OMs that donate £10 a month, an amount which approximates to the annual cost of a 50% scholarship would be collected.

The RJOM award is up to 100%, although we may issue two 50% awards or other combinations of awards that total 100%, available for entry into Sixth Form and Year 9, or on an exceptional basis to a Year 7 pupil. Granted subject to our scholarship criteria, the value will be determined through our usual means-testing process. To ensure a normal experience by the recipient pupil, their name will not be publicised until they have graduated from Millfield and given their consent.