About Millfield

Millfield School is a remarkable place.  From its foundation in 1935, with six princes brought from India, Millfield is today one of the leading UK independent schools for boys and girls, aged 2-18 years.  

We pride ourself on providing an exceptional, all-round education that enables each child to try everything on offer, to find out what they really enjoy and are good at.  The capacity to engage pupils at many different levels is central to life at Millfield and we offer countless opportunities across many different learning contexts both inside and outside the classroom.  Talented and committed staff work with our pupils to achieve these ends.

The school is grounded in the strength of relationships that are the bedrock of all great communities.  Millfield is tremendously diverse in terms of the academic, cultural and sporting backgrounds of its pupils, and we celebrate this diversity.

When one stands still one is, in effect, going backwards.  Millfield is committed to build on its legacy to look forward without losing sight of what has come before. 

Latest news

Year 9 pupils showed their grit and teamwork during an autumnal weekend camping on the grounds on various boarding houses around the Millfield camp Year 9 pupils show resilience during autumnal outdoor camps
Pupils in Year 8 have been considering environmental issues, material properties and safety concerns while working in teams on design briefs for a Year 8 Design and Technology pupils build parks