Giving to Millfield

Millfield has been built and strengthened by philanthropy.

The school is in a very sound financial state and in developing outstanding performance in sport, academia, creative arts and pastoral support we always strive to improve and build upon our strengths.

We can only achieve our ambitions of enhancing the Millfield experience with support from Old Millfieldians, parents, staff and friends. The school is a registered charity which, through our Development office uses donations to affect the futures of our pupils and enable the Millfield community to create their own lasting impact on the school.

Please browse our three development projects below, click here to donate or read about our bequests programme:

The Sir Gareth Edwards Scholarship Fund
Facilities' Wish List

The Sir Gareth Edwards Scholarship Fund

Millfield is appealing to find 15 visionary philanthropists who are prepared to establish a special bursary award.

This award will provide a life changing education at Millfield for new young rugby talent every year, in perpetuity, enabling young athletes to discover their full potential.

Please contact Gareth Turnbull to discuss philanthropic giving on +44 (0) 1458 444517

We also welcome gifts through bequests, please click here for more information.



"To nurture talent by providing the very best facilities, teaching, coaching and opportunities in which young people can exercise and explore their abilities; and to give awards to those in financial need."
Jack Meyer

Following the legacy set by founder, Jack 'Boss' Meyer; Millfield gives support and assistance to gifted young people throughout their education. For some pupils this entails assistance with fees in the form of a scholarship or bursary so that they can experience the life changing opportunities this school has to offer.

Generous donations from alumni, parents and friends of the school are channelled into the fund and used solely for scholarships and bursaries. Maintaining Millfield's diversity (the ‘Millfield Mix') of pupils from all backgrounds and cultures and widening access is at the heart of the Foundation's aims.

Over £2.4 million has been donated to benefit talented pupils, this has been invested by the trustees of the Millfield Foundation (Registered Charity Number 1121630) and is currently funding valuable scholarships in perpetuity. Thank you to all those who have contributed; your donations and support make a significant impact on the quality of the Millfield experience for all of our pupils, present and future.

Please contact Gareth Turnbull to discuss giving on +44 (0) 1458 444517

We also welcome gifts through bequests, please click here for more information.


Facilities' Wish List

Contributions and funding of enhancements to our service are immensely valuable to our pupils and community.

So many alumni, parents and friends dramatically enhance the Millfield experience by creating opportunities we would not otherwise be able to provide.


Upgraded television studio : £14,700 - FULFILLED

The Millfield Television Studio is an incredibly valuable resource for pupils. Since its installation in the 80's the broadcast industry has made substantial developments and through this facility our school has created exceptional opportunities for pupils.

The studio would now benefit from an upgrade and redesign, with the modern needs of our pupils and the expectations of the media industry in mind. This is a rewarding and interesting project for a parent or Old Millfieldian who is passionate about media education. 

In the short term we aspire to provide our students with a high quality green screen (£9,600) to produce dynamic video as well as three Mac suites with Final Cut Pro (£5,100) to capture and edit their work.

Activio telemetry heart rate system: 25 belt system : £5,544 - PART FUNDED

This system would enable Strength & Conditioning staff to monitor the heart rates of pupils during training sessions. This would help to ensure that the relevant training zones were being targeted on an individual basis. Feedback could then be given to coaches and individualised programmes produced for athletes.


2 x CompryCool cryotherapy devices : £5,690 - FULFILLED

High performing cryotherapy devices that intermittently compress as well as cool/heat body parts via specialist cuffs/sleeves.
Research has shown that the depth of cooling is far greater than normal icing/crocuff, plusbenefits from the compressive effect. This is a portable lightweight machine that can be taken to away fixtures/tours and can supply two cuffs simultaneously. This machine would be used a tremendous amount during clinic time/break/lunch times.

IP camera sports analysis system: £7,483 - FULFILLED

4X IP Cameras : £1,446 per unit

Possible Locations include: Campus astro and Gareth Edwards Pitch; Equestrian Centre; Jubilee Sports Hall; Kingweston/Butleigh Fields

Laptop to run Software : £1,699

This provision provides a first class solution to our filming needs. The IP cameras are fixed view cameras that can be cabled and controlled from a different access point than where the camera is situated, allowing the capability of live capture and coding to provide in game objective feedback. Additionally these cameras will have the capability to stream live footage to a website, allowing parents, students and other stakeholders the opportunity view Millfield Sport live.

All of the above items are not usually available to pupils in a school setting. This would be an ideal opportunity to build the benefits that pupils would receive as part of Millfield.

Please donate and make your mark on our pupils experience, you can also click here to browse some past donations.