Old Millfieldian Society

The Old Millfieldian Society aims to support a large and vibrant OM network across the world.

Reunions and events are regularly held for OMs, ensuring that friendships and connections are maintained, re-kindled and cemented.

Millfield Connect is our dedicated website for OMs and contains all the latest OM news and events. It also helps OMs keep in touch with each other and provides opportunities for OMs to get involved in the many local and international groups and sports clubs that the Old Millfieldian Society supports. Please sign up at millfieldconnect.com.

OM Society Staff and Committee Members

Nicola Pender, Alumni Manager
Lucy Quinn, Communication and Events Coordinator
Michelle Edwards, Office Administrator
Dick Shilton, Millfield Archivist
Roger Parsons, Millfield Prep Archivist

Committee Members
John Davies, Former Staff, President
Nikki Della Valle, 1986*-94; Day, Chair
Andrew Jackson, 1982-86; Day
Rod Speed, 1964-66; Day
Malcolm Tucker, 1961-65; Millfield
Sarah Bailey, 1974-76; Day             
Tory Manuel, 1983*-90; Portway                          
Andrew Foyle, 1984-1989; Keen's Elm 
Sophie Allin, 2003*-2011; Overleigh 
Amy Taylor, 1992*-1999; Oaklands 
David Graveney, 1965*-1971; Kingweston
*attended Edgarley/Millfield Prep School