Donor Recognition

Individuals who give so generously to Millfield, believe passionately in the impact of an outstanding education on the excellent young people at Millfield.

Donors have had such a transformational impact at Millfield, and continue to do so, that we believe it is important to show our appreciation on a personal level. Our aim is to maintain contact with donors, demonstrate the impact of their contribution and encourage them to continue giving if they still wish to do so.

In addition to some major donations, we are extremely grateful for the thousands of regular gifts at £10 per month or more, donated by Old Millfieldians, staff, parents and friends. These have combined to establish, self-perpetuating funds such as the RJOM and PMJ fund which continue to provide the scholarships which help make Millfield so unique.

In addition to maintaining contact with donors, we offer some modest gestures of appreciation, such as:

  • Members of the Patron donors club (cumulative gifts of £1,000 or more) each receive a beautiful sterling silver Windmill Badge

  • An invitation to a range of selected school events where we can reserve seats for donors

  • Our Headmaster personally extends his gratitude by hosting a small supper for donors each year

  • Our donor relations officer Lindy Hacker ensures that we maintain a high standard of communications as donors would expect and that the project they fund is consistent with their expectations