Senior School - Step 4: Attend an interview and assessment

After receiving a reference from your child's current school we will contact you to arrange a time for your child to attend for interview and assessment.

All pupils joining Millfield have an entrance interview with a senior member of staff. This will last around 30 minutes and centre on the academic interests of the candidate, their extra-curricular activities and experiences.

13+ and 14+ Entry

Pupils have an entrance interview with a senior member of staff and sit a computer based verbal and non-verbal reasoning assessment. The test is not possible to prepare for and takes just under an hour to complete. For prep school pupils, these assessments are designed to reduce the pressure of the Common Entrance examinations and to allow the School to confirm pupils places 18 months prior to entry. The Admissions Department is in regular contact with all prospective pupils’ current schools to monitor their progress during the final year before entry. Applicants who are at a school which does not sit Common Entrance will be able to confirm their place through the Millfield assessments.

 16+ Entry

Entry is dependent upon performance in the interview and a satisfactory reference, including GCSE predicted grades for UK based candidates.




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