This is Ariana's Millfield

  • Girl reading a story to her friends
  • Girl writing
  • Girl reading a story to her friends
  • Writing stories,
    making puppets
    and playing football
  • “I help mummy make shopping lists.”
  • Story writing, developing vocabulary and literacy skills are all part of the school day at Pre-Prep. Ariana’s favourite story is ‘Captain Underpants’ “because he only wears underwear and he makes me laugh.” Her passion is writing as it allows her to be creative and use her imagination.
  • Small class sizes and experienced teachers ensure that all children are given expert care and attention. Our aim is to ensure a happy, safe and supportive environment to give children the best opportunities to learn and develop as individuals.
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  • “I make pictures all of the time.”
  • Ariana enjoys art and making new things. Her favourite thing she has made at school is her ‘Socky Wocky Do Dah’ puppet, inspired by the story of ‘Socks’ by Elizabeth Lindsay and Nick Sharratt. Art allows Ariana to develop her fine motor skills as she uses pencils, pens and paints to create detailed drawings and pictures. At Pre‑Prep, the children enjoy singing and performing in concerts and productions, and regularly participate in music, pottery, design technology and art lessons.
  • Girl painting
  • Girl with her sock puppet
  • Sock puppet made by pupils

  • Girl playing football with friends
  • Girls having fun in forest school
  • Girl looking at a world globe
  • “Football is my favourite sport because I get to kick the ball and play with my friends.”
  • At Pre-Prep our children are active and take part in various games to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Football is a great team game, where they use their gross motor skills to pass the ball to each other and learn new skills. There are a variety of physical before and after school clubs on offer for the children including: rugby, yoga, ballet, tennis and cricket.
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