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  • I love learning Spanish, French and Chinese at Millfield. It means that when travelling, I can understand and interact with the local culture. In the future I would like to become an international aid/development worker, to help and communicate with those in need. Millfield offers a wide range of language options, and we can always interact with the teachers in the Languages Department or ask for help. We have multiple lessons a week to maintain our fluency and there are various trips offered. The latest was to Granada, where pupils lived with local families to learn the culture and further advance their language skills. Learning a language is not only educational but great fun too. Working towards studying this subject at a US university is something I want to pursue.
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  • What I enjoy most about playing a range of percussion, and in particular the xylophone, is how completely different it is to everything else I do at Millfield. I play solely because I love music and find it relaxing. I particularly enjoy being part of the percussion ensemble as there is a great atmosphere and we play a variety of music. My favourite piece we have performed so far is ‘Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite’. My commitments mean that I have a busy timetable, as academic work, sport and music are all important to me, so I appreciate that I can practise before school and the Music Department staff are always on hand to help me.
  • “I appreciate that the Music Department is always open and staff are on hand to help.”
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  • “I recently represented England in a competition in Poland, which I couldn’t have done without the training and support I have received from the coaches at Millfield.”
  • Fencing gives me the opportunity to play as an individual as well as contribute to an amazing team. I have participated in many competitions, including representing England in Poland, which I couldn’t have done without the training and support I have received from Millfield. I train for two to three hours twice a week, as well as receiving private tuition and strength and conditioning sessions. We have brilliant facilities and expert coaches who want us to progress as far as we can in the sport. My teammates have a healthy competitive streak and we all support each other to succeed.
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  • I am a day pupil in Ivythorn which is a great place to be, and is part of the Millfield community. I like to make the most of what the school has to offer, next year I plan to do the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.
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