Number Cruncher
Rugby Player

This is Flynn's Millfield

  • Boy learning maths
  • Boy writing
  • Image of a numicon set on table
  • Solving number lines,
    investigating outdoors
    and playing rugby with friends
  • "I like doing adding and taking away."
  • Here at Pre-Prep, our experienced staff teach a wide variety of subjects, in addition to reading, writing and mathematics. Flynn’s favourite lessons are maths and handwriting, as he enjoys solving empty number lines and learning how to join up his writing.
  • Our aim is to ensure all our pupils have ample opportunity to explore their natural inquisitiveness and for them to learn in a happy and caring environment. Small classes ensure each child receives individual care and attention, allowing them to experiment and problem solve within a small group.
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  • "I like investigating the trees and plants in the playground."
  • There are lots of inspirational outdoor and indoor spaces for the children to explore. The children love Forest School and the outdoor classroom where they can make pizza in the bread oven, whittle sticks or hunt for minibeasts.
  • They also grow vegetables in the ‘Alittlements’, look for pond life and make camp in the willow wigwam. School trips are great fun, and include visits to the seaside, farms, museums and nature reserves. Flynn particularly liked finding out how bricks were made at a local brick factory.
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  • Boy investigating in Forest School
  • Boy looking at flowers
  • A tree

  • Boy playing Rugby
  • Aerial shot of Millfield Prep school campus
  • Boy eating a teddy bear shapped watermelon
  • "I like tackling."
  • We believe being active and playing in a variety of games instils a healthy approach to life and learning. Pupils have access to excellent facilities and coaches and are given time to run and play during the school day. Flynn enjoys Rugby Club at school and playing tennis. Before and after school care is available from 8am to 6pm, with over 20 free after school clubs including football, pottery, trampolining, Lego and sewing.
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