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  • Learning about earthquakes,
    playing different characters
    and sailing across the sea
  • “I love to travel and learn about the world.”
  • I have found the recent topics on earthquakes and volcanoes really fascinating, especially the causes and effects of plate boundaries. I am also enjoying learning about map reading and I have used my new learnt skills on a school walk over the Mendips when out on camp. In Year 7, we are set according to our ability and I am encouraged by my teachers to maximise my potential and to be challenged within a caring learning environment.
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  • Acting really interests me. This year I took part in the Year 7 production of ‘The Night Chicago Drank’, where I played Maisy May, a 1920’s showgirl, which was great fun! I have weekly Speech and Drama lessons which have given me the confidence to happily take part in school productions. I got a distinction in my recent Grade 4 acting exam where I had to learn two different parts with big contrasts in personalities and stories. I receive lots of support from my Drama teacher.
  • “I love being able to take on the personality and feelings of different characters.”
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  • “I love sailing because I enjoy the outdoors and being in control of the boat.”
  • I sail every week at Chew Valley Lake, which is a great sailing club. Millfield Prep uses its own Feva and Pico sailing boats and I enjoy sailing with different year groups and on different boats. I recently represented Millfield at the IAPS National Sailing Regatta which was a great opportunity for me. The coaches are really good at teaching boat rigging, rules and different sailing techniques. In the RYA qualifications I have got stages 1-4, which teaches you about points of sail, the five essentials, boat parts, knot tying and rights of way.
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  • I started boarding at Millfield Prep in Year 7 – before that I went to a day school in Winchester. Boarding feels like a sleepover every night with your closest friends. My favourite thing about Millfield Prep is the amount of activities I can get involved in. As well as my academic lessons, I take part in lots of sports, drama, the Orchestra, trumpet lessons and lunchtime and afternoon clubs. The days are very busy and fly by with my friends.
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