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  • Writing stories,
    being creative
    and playing cricket
  • “I like improving my handwriting and spelling.”
  • I am dyslexic and get help with my writing at the Learning Development Centre (LDC) which I attend three times per week as part of my normal school timetable. I am happy to go as I feel supported. We work in groups and have fun with spellings by learning long words like discombobulated. We also do fun games on the whiteboard where you repeat a pattern using different coloured lights which has improved my memory skills. In my recent English exam I felt prepared to write a story which was a good feeling.
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  • "I love being creative within my work."
  • What I most like about art is the different kinds of artwork we can create in lessons. I am encouraged to make as much art as possible because art is based on your individual inspiration and is never wrong. In school there is no limit to your creativity. I am inspired by other people’s work and my teachers encourage me to use my imagination and express my feelings through art.
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  • "Being made captain of my cricket team was the best feeling."
  • I am currently captain of the girls’ cricket team at school. I really like cricket because I love being outside and the excitement the game brings. It’s really nice to support your team members through good games and disappointing ones. I receive the best coaching from my cricket coach and currently play for Somerset.
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  • Since being at Millfield Prep I have gained lots of confidence as a person and have tried many new things. Millfield Prep has taught me to never give up, even when you are having a bad day, and to continue to learn and develop from your mistakes. I love boarding in Champion house, it is like a massive sleepover with all your friends. I don’t have time to miss home with all the activities in the evenings and weekends.
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