This is Pierre's Millfield

  • Exploding experiments,
    playing the drums
    and saving goals
  • "My favourite subject is Science because I have to challenge myself as it’s not easy for me."
  • I really enjoy doing experiments where things explode. I am excited about next year as in Year 6 you get to do Science in the science labs. Since starting at Millfield Prep last September, I have been encouraged to progress and challenge myself in every aspect of my work. When I wanted to do well in Maths and move up a set, my teacher gave me extra work and encouraged me to work hard to achieve my goals.
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  • "I just love music!"
  • My dream is to one day play in a band. I love music and I especially love playing the drums. My teacher makes my lessons so much fun; I want to play well to ensure I do well in my exams and that keeps me focused. I recently took part in a Tea and Music Concert and a Percussion Masterclass. I really enjoyed the opportunity to play in front of an audience and continue to gain the confidence ready for larger productions.
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  • Boy playing football
  • Photo of a football inside a goal net
  • Boy playing football
  • "Every goal that I save for my team is a great feeling!"
  • I was attracted to football because I love the excitement of the game, the competitiveness of the sport and being part of a team. Millfield Prep has taught me good sportsmanship because we don’t win every time but it is about what we can take away from the game and learn for future matches. I train with the best coaches and the facilities at school are amazing! I also love playing hockey, rugby and cricket.
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  • I joined Millfield Prep in September, and I love it here. I really enjoy learning Latin, playing table tennis outside during break times and the wide range of sport activities the school has to offer. And the awesome school trips! I have made some great friends and settled in really well. I would describe school life as challenging but lots of fun.
  • Pierre is a day pupil at Millfield Prep.
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