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  • Photo of letter press stamps spelling the word History
  • Studying history,
    singing on stage
    and swimming in competitions
  • “I think it is good to learn about the world’s past.”
  • History is an interesting subject. I have been analysing and studying the two World Wars since I was young as my great-grandfather was a soldier in World War I who won medals for his bravery. Another subject I enjoy is Geography as I had not studied this before joining Millfield Prep in Year 7. I like learning about different cities and capitals. The teachers believe that you can do amazing things.
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  • I feel very comfortable on stage. I don’t get nervous when I perform and love that people enjoy listening to me sing. I have a singing lesson each week with my music teacher and she is really helping me to improve. I recently took part in the Rock and Pop Concert and the Year 7 production ‘Who Loves Cleo’. I played the part of Ptolemy and at the end we all sung the classic song ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ where I had a solo part.
  • “What I love about singing is that it comes very naturally to me.”
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  • “The swimming programme here is amazing.”
  • I love swimming because of the bond you make with fellow swimmers. I grew up on the small island of Bermuda, so I became a water boy from a young age. Since swimming at Millfield Prep, I have had a number of personal best swims. One of my highlights was competing at the Arena League Finals where I won the 50 metre breaststroke. I have definitely gained independence competing in high ranked meets and with the training programme.
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  • I love being a boarder and have made many new friends. My academic set is a small group, which is good because I get a lot of attention from my teachers. One of my favourite things about Millfield Prep is they encourage sport, as well as push academics. If you are sporty, they make sure you stay on top of your academic work.
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