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  • “The small class sizes, in addition to the wide and varied use of technology and iPads, creates a fantastic learning atmosphere.”
  • I am interested in economics and have chosen to study the subject at GCSE, as I hope to pursue a career in finance. Millfield has supported me academically, as there are a wide variety of subjects offered, and teachers are hugely supportive. The small class sizes, in addition to the use of technology and iPads, creates a robust learning atmosphere. This is supported by my involvement in Eureka!, an academic club, where amongst other tasks and topics we discuss current affairs, which I find highly relevant and useful for economics. Both teachers and coaches work together to help me balance academic work with sport development, so I can achieve the highest possible standard in all disciplines.

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  • What I enjoy most about playing the piano is the freedom of choice with the pieces I play, as well as providing a break from academic work. My favourite piece of music I have played so far is the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ theme song, as the score is fast-flowing, catchy and fun to play. I presently play just for fun due to my sporting and academic commitments, but I do try to practise every day, and it really helps that there is a piano in my boarding house. Due to the excellent facilities and expert teaching that the Music Department offers, I have chosen to study Music at GCSE.
  • “My favourite piece of music played so far is the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ theme song, the score is fast-flowing and catchy which makes it fun to play.”
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  • “I have not only greatly improved my ball and kicking skills, but I have developed as an all-round player.”
  • What makes rugby great is the strong team ethos, playing a full schedule of matches and the thrill of scoring tries and successfully tackling the opposition. I am aiming to be a professional rugby player, and have worked hard with my training. A definite highlight has to be reaching the semi-final of the Rosslyn Park National Schools Sevens. I find that playing other sports improves my rugby skills, and I also play for the Tennis B team, where we were runners up in the National Finals, and have toured Florida. Due to the great coaching and facilities, such as using the gym at least twice a week and participating in the British Military Fitness activity, I feel I have not only greatly improved my ball and kicking skills, but developed all-round as a player.
  • As a boarding pupil in Millfield House, I really enjoy having everything I want to do nearby. It is fantastic to be able to join in with such a wide variety of activities, which are all set in a great location. The team environment, the relationships you build and friendships you make are all just part of what makes Millfield special for me.
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