Millfield Prep Pupils Entertain in Tea and Music Concert

  • Millfield Prep Pupils perform fantastic pieces in Tea and Music concert
  • Pupil playing the flute in Tea and Music concert
  • Pupil playing the violin in Tea and Music concert
  • Pupil playing the drums in Tea and Music concert

On Monday 18 November, 30 pupils took part in the first Tea and Music concert of the year.

With music exams looming, many pupils were taking the opportunity to try performing their exam repertoire in front of a friendly, supportive audience and consequently we were treated to a delightfully varied programme. The audience had the opportunity to hear some fantastic solos performed on piano, trumpet, trombone, oboe, flute, xylophone, drum kit and violin, as well as several vocal performances all delivered with a high standard of professionalism and musicianship.

It was wonderful to see that many pupils had brought along friends to support the concert and it was equally lovely to hear several performers give the audience some information and insight into their pieces. After each performance, it was lovely to see all the pupils being so supportive of each other and at the end of the concert they were all rewarded with a very well-deserved slice of cake (or two!).

Congratulations to Tom Brimacombe, Brianna Davies, Sophie Angelosanto, Archie Monk, Georgie Gordon, Victoria Baughan, Lottie Raby-Brown, Zara Barnett, Asta Maddox, Seth Collins, Elis Davies, Leon Hutchcroft, Oliver Austin, Tamara Gomez Velasco, George Monk, Matilda Johnson, Isla Miller, Angus Jamieson, Lewis Bennie, Steffi Berndt De La O, Jack Liu, Nancy Bix, Sofia Shulzhenko, Ahren Ryland-Day, Sienna Franklyn-Miller, Grace Dailley, Francesca Woollard, Rupert Mayer, Tansy Fowler and Nuccio Stanton-Rotondi.

Miss Sturges, Head of Music at Millfield Prep, said 'it’s fantastic to see such a vast array of young musicians in the department and especially impressive when students feel confident enough to stand in front of an audience and perform so beautifully. Good luck to all those with impending music examinations and bravo to all involved!'.