Year 5 pupils teach younger peers at Science Fair

Pupils in Year 5 invited Years 3 and 4 to their Science Fair, a presentation of what they had learned during their recent topic ‘Making New Materials’.

Demonstrations ranged from artwork created from various objects covered in material, homemade lava lamps, experimenting with gloop and dropping eggs from a height.

The Year 5 pupils worked hard to provide clear and thought-provoking posters, and got some fantastic feedback from the Year 3 and 4 pupils: Year 3 pupil Tom said he enjoyed the water filtering “because it was great how the water disappeared down the funnel without the pepper.”

The younger pupils also enjoyed playing with the gloop and the lava lamps: Year 4 pupil Caleb said, “I enjoyed the lava lamp because I’ve got one at home and it was really cool to learn how it was made.”  Some pupils were so inspired, they said they hoped to try out the experiments at home.