Millfield Polo Invitational and Car Rally

Sunday 2 June 2019
Kingweston Campus

The Polo Invitational and Car Rally is a hugely successful family day out, hosted in the bucolic grounds of our Kingweston campus, this year the event features a music and dance festival, art exhibition, a food and retail village, fun fair and kids play.

Our target is to raise £150,000 through the day, which will enable Headmaster to offer an extremely special Millfield scholarship starting in September 2019, which he can award to a remarkable young individual who would otherwise never get the opportunity to attend our school. This spectacular day is free of charge but we ask you to consider making a small contribution when you are reserving your free tickets.

Please come along and bring your family and freinds.


Millfield is proud to partner with:

The Millfield Polo Invitational is supported by:


Partnership with our Polo Invitational has proven to be extremely beneficial for some of our regional businesses. If the Millfield community is one which you would like to engage with, please contact to discuss a bespoke package for the 2019 Polo Invitational.


Tips for enjoying your day at the Polo Invitational

1. What to wear
Being an outdoor sport, it's obviously best to dress according to the weather. Spectators at polo wear everything from jeans to a blazer and tie – it's very difficult to be under or overdressed, however visitors tend to dress up a bit more. Don’t forget to wear flat shoes if you want to tread in the divots at half-time.

2. Viewing
Nine times out of ten, the action takes place on the opposite side of the field! If you have binoculars they can be useful to pick up all the action. The commentator will help explain the rules and give you background on the players. Programmes will be given out by the parking stewards on arrival.

3. Half-time
At half-time spectators are invited to help tread in the divots made by the ponies. It not only helps the players (and grounds team!), but is a great way to meet people and see some of the players and ponies up close.