Musicians across Millfield Pre-Prep and Prep present musical concerts

Musicians from Pre-Prep all the way to Year 8 have been presenting their musical talents to friends and family in recent musical concerts.

Pupils from Pre-Prep to Year 5 performed their first Cushion Concert of 2019, which saw a vast array of musical performances from the classical period to modern day musical theatre. Some pupils performed in public for the very first time, which is an excellent opportunity to develop their presentation skills.

Thirty-three pupils in Years 6-8 showcased their talent in Tea and Music the following week, which invites friends, family and members of the Millfield Prep community to enjoy some live music and delicious cakes with the glorious evening sunset over Glastonbury Tor visible from the Recital Hall. As ever, there was an array of instruments on display, including piano, guitar, flute, oboe, trumpet, voice, marimba, drum kit, cello and double bass, and family and friends enjoyed a musical journey through an eclectic mix of genres. Similarly to the Cushion Concert, Tea and Music featured some musicians who were performing to an audience for the very first time.