Year 1 and 2 Science Trip to Millfield

Mr Hudson from Millfield Physics invited Key Stage 1 to Millfield for a workshop on forces. With the help of some Sixth Form pupils, Mr Hudson introduced the children to friction, levers and pulleys. There was great delight as a leaf blower and large disc were turned into a hovercraft and passed around the room!

The children then discovered how a lever could be used to help lift a heavy weight. Next came the challenge of setting up their own pulleys to lift 1kg. Would one pulley be enough... or should they use more? The morning finished with pupil Georgina having a lift on a giant pulley.

Later in the session, Mr Hudson delivered a workshop all about forces and friction. The children had a great time exploring and experimenting with the help of some Millfield pupils. They saw how air can prevent friction and facilitate motion. Then they worked with some of the pupils in Millfield to make their own pulleys.