Year 2's Antarctic Exploration

  • Year 2 Pupils at Millfield Pre-Prep with Their Ship Biscuits

Year 2 have been learning about Sir Ernest Shackleton’s exploration of the Antarctic.

As part of this topic, the children learnt all about what food the explorers had access to. These included penguin, seal blubber, pemmican (meat jerky finely ground and mixed with clarified fat) and ship biscuits.

The children decided they would like to try some of the food, so set about making the 'ship biscuits'. The basic recipe is very simple: 150g plain white flour, ½ tsp baking soda, ½ tsp salt, 30g butter and 50ml cold water. Antarctic explorers would often modify this recipe in various ways, for example by using wholemeal instead of white flour, by adding oats or by leaving out the baking powder.

Some children definitely liked them more than others but all did very well and made a batch of biscuits.