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Millfield Pre-Prep Pupils perform at the Harvest Service

Pre-Prep Pupils perform at the Harvest Service



Pre-Prep pupils performed superbly in their Harvest Assembly.

All years took part in the assembly, with songs, poems, readings, dancing and a play and food boxes were made by pupils and...>>

Pre-Prep Summer Production

Creative Arts


Before the end of term, our Pre-Prep pupils put on a fantastic performance in their Summer Production.

Click ...>>

Year 1 children visit Longleat

Year 1 explore Longleat



Children enjoyed a fabulous day out at Longleat. They walked through the Lemus enclosure and saw two families cuddled together. On safari, they saw lots of larger animals including;...>>

Year 1 Gardening Club

Pre-Prep budding gardeners



This week, the Gardening Club have been busy making their own individual gardens, planting marigolds, nasturtiums and radishes. In the pottery classroom, they made clay labels for their gardens....>>

Rhythm and Rhyme Workshops

Creative Arts


Pre-School, Reception and Year 1 pupils enjoyed a wonderful morning of Rhythm and Rhyme. They had great fun singing rhyming songs with some of those from the Senior School choir. These great...>>

Pre-Prep Frogs paint spring blossoms

Creative Arts


The children have been fascinated by the blossom on the trees on the playground; they thought it was snow! Armed with paints, brushes and clipboards, the children painted pictures of the trees to...>>

Year 2 investigate shapes

Year 2 investigate shapes



The children had a lovely time learning about shapes. They discovered the properties of 3D shapes and used their reasoning skills to suggest which shapes could be producing which shadows. The...>>

Reception pupils open café



Children in Reception have enjoyed role playing in Millfield Pre-Prep’s new café.

They have been learning to take orders and have started to investigate amounts of money and different...>>

Year 1 and 2 Science Trip to Millfield



Mr Hudson from Millfield Physics invited Key Stage 1 to Millfield for a workshop on forces. With the help of some Sixth Form pupils, Mr Hudson introduced the children to friction, levers and...>>

Year 2 become problem solvers

Year 2 become problem solvers



Year 2 have been busy perfecting their problem-solving skills. The children began in the woods with a Winnie the Pooh hunt to find clues and solve an anagram problem.

The children had to...>>