Welcome to Millfield Prep

As a parent myself one reads many school aims and mission statements which talk of excellent results, great pastoral care and fantastic opportunities. With so much information to wade through identifying the right school for one's child can be exhausting and sorting the wood from the trees can be a long drawn out process.

I am proud to say that Millfield Prep School is unique and actually delivers in all of these areas and more. I am adamant that the Millfield experience is exceptional and it provides our children with a vast array of once in a lifetime opportunities. Pastoral care and nurturing is high on our agenda and we very much encourage children to be kind, considerate and mindful of the needs of others. With a large number of dedicated staff, small class sizes and family run boarding houses we can easily achieve our goal. When children feel happy and supported they can grow in self esteem and confidence and then the sky is the limit.

Our strength has always been based around the belief that every child is an individual and the school aims to put the child at the heart of everything it does. The world class resources and facilities mean that the children are provided with an exclusive experience and they can take advantage of the many opportunities available in order to discover their individual talents and potential, be it in the classroom, on the stage or on the sports field.

Please come and visit to experience Millfield Prep School for yourselves.

Shirley Shayler, Headmistress

Latest news

Millfield Prep School have become the top swimming school in the country for the 33rd consecutive year after winning both the boys’ and Millfield Prep becomes top IAPS swimming school for 33rd consecutive year
Millfield and Millfield Prep hosted the 69th annual IAPS Tennis Tournament for the fourth year over the bank holiday weekend, where the Millfield Prep become U13A IAPS Tennis national champions