“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Pablo Picasso

We believe every child is an artist and our aim is to build confidence through creative play and visual self-expression so as to allow their potential to flourish.

Drawing underpins everything we do and is the skeleton onto which we build any body of work. An expansive range of skills and techniques are taught which are used to develop imagination and independent creative thinking.

We are very fortunate to have fantastic facilities and to be surrounded by such inspiring natural beauty. Pupils experience and are taught the full range of both 2D and 3D processes. We have a well-equipped pottery studio and a purpose built carving area where pupils are taught to carve in stone.

The department is a hive of activity throughout the week, as well as weekends, with a full range of clubs and activities for all ages. Art trips are organised across the age range that offer excellent learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Every pupil has the opportunity of exhibiting their work around the school and each week one piece of art is highlighted and becomes the ‘Picture of the Week’.