“English is capable of defining sentiments that the human nervous system is quite incapable of experiencing.” Robert A Heinlein

By introducing pupils to a wide range of literature, composition styles and technical knowledge, the English Department aims to:

  • Awaken and encourage a lifelong love of literature
  • Enable the clear transmission of ideas through written and spoken language
  • Encourage the discovery of 'voice' and 'style' in written pieces
  • Develop accurate use of written and spoken English
  • Talk about language and literature using specific technical terms
  • Use technology to enable clear and efficient communication
  • Nurture comprehension skills to raise awareness of the world around them

Topics include: Reading Comprehension; Private Reading; Punctuation Exercises; Planning and Drafting Strategies; Public Speaking; Spelling Activities; Grammar Exercises; Recount Writing; Persuasive Writing; Explanation Texts; Shakespeare; Pre 19th Century Literature; Myths and Legends; Creative Writing; Narrative Writing; Descriptive Writing; Discursive Writing; Poetry and Information Texts.

In the Junior Department, English is taught by class teachers. Year 7 and 8 pupils are taught by English specialists and, where appropriate, by teachers in our Learning Development Centre. The curriculum is constantly being revised to keep it fresh and new. Each teacher brings his or her own passions and teaching style to the subject and this is demonstrated by the exciting new topics, books and resources introduced each year.

Learning about English does not end in the classroom and we organise theatre trips, visiting speakers, performers and much more.