Food Technology

Developing key life skills

Pupils have dedicated food and nutrition lessons starting in Year 5, along with taster sessions and one-off lessons as part of the IPC Curriculum in Years 3 and 4; this allows us to lay an early foundation of basic practical skills and ensure that pupils have a love of cooking and an interest in nutrition from an early age.

Learning about cooking and nutrition

Pupils are taught the principles of nutrition and healthy eating through a very practically based course. All the ingredients are provided and the ethos of “learning by doing” is very much to the fore. Pupils will leave us at the end of Year 8 with a good grounding in a range of cooking techniques that they can use to prepare meals for themselves from scratch. Pupils are taught the importance of understanding seasonality, buying local produce where possible and why the provenance of food are all key factors in today’s world. The learning extends into the extra-curricular activities offered when pupils take part in the Cook Local club; picking fruit, making apple juice, elderflower cordial, plum crumble and conserves, all with produce harvest from the school grounds. Pupils are also offered cookery clubs, one with a healthier eating focus and one that uses the iPad as the recipe source. Boarders can further extend their skills by participating in cookery as a multi-activity.

Building design and marketing skills

During the course pupils will undertake a design and make task – this is an open ended brief that allows pupils to demonstrate their creative skills and how well they are able to translate their knowledge of the flavours, textures, properties and look of ingredients in order to make a delicious new product. During the task they will learn about how food is marketed and have some appreciation of the business aspects of making and selling a food product.