Geography makes a world of a difference. Through teaching a broad range of geographical topics, the Geography Department aims to:

  • stimulate pupil’s interest and curiosity about the world
  • foster their sense of wonder at the beauty of the world around them
  • enhance their sense of identity and responsibility for the care of the Earth
  • develop an understanding of physical and human landscapes, and introduce them to different societies and cultures
  • provide opportunities for geographical enquiry and fieldwork

In the Junior Department, Geography is delivered in a topic based approach, alongside other subjects, through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Units of work are selected each year. Single subject Geography lessons are taught in Years 7 and 8. Topics include: Living with Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Settlement, Coasts, Tourism, Environmental Issues, Transport and Industry. Atlas skills, Ordnance Survey map reading and locational knowledge are taught and reinforced throughout the year.

Work in the classroom is supported by field trips enabling the children to witness and experience, first-hand, the significance of geography in the real world. Examples of field trips include: the Jurassic Coast, the Somerset Earth Science Centre, local Somerset industries and Carymoor Environmental Trust.