Computing & ICT

Whatever pupils go on to do in the future, IT skills will most probably be essential, as everyone is now expected to have sound digital skills.

Pupils are taught the following skills during their time at Millfield Prep:

• Word Processing
• Spreadsheets
• Desk Top Publishing
• Graphical Representation of Data
• On-line Communications
• Multimedia Presentations
• Monitoring & Control
• Video Editing
• Digital Imagery
• Graphic Design
• App Design
• Programming/Game Creation

In Years 3 and 4, pupils begin to learn the basics including sending emails, using different fonts, search engines, creating and using databases, cutting and pasting text, creating pie charts and graphs, interpreting and analysing information in graphs and simple programming & coding using Scratch and the Dot and Dash robots. In Year 5 they begin to use spreadsheets and sensors, collect and interpret data, use a digital camera and edit the images from the camera. On top of this they create interactive presentations/story books using Purple Mash and develop their programming & coding skills further through game creation in Scratch and by using the Lego EV3 and Sphero robots. In Year 6 pupils look at creating various graphs in some detail, as well as becoming familiar with Microsoft Word. They go on to design a poster, learn more skills with a digital camera, and create a slideshow and are introduced to simple video editing.

In Year 7, pupils look at digital imaginary using Adobe Photoshop, further develop their knowledge of spreadsheets, create a presentation, learn how to perform basic programming functions using a BBC Microbit, and become more familiar with Microsoft Office 365. In Year 8, pupils develop many of the skills learnt over the previous years, including Photoshop, Excel, Word, as well as being introduced to App Design and further developing their programming skills via a Raspberry Pi and the Python programming language

Incredible facilities at your fingertips

We have three purpose-built computer labs, each containing 17 PCs running a Windows 2012 Network and Windows 10 on each work station. Each lab also contains scanners, digital cameras, a colour laser printer, a multimedia projector and interactive whiteboard.

Mobile Learning

As part of our Mobile Learning Project, pupils in Year 6 are given a school owned iPad on a termly basis.  In Years 7 and 8, it is compulsory for pupils to have their own iPad.

The Junior Department has a supply of iPads that are used in both ICT and subject teaching