Modern Languages

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”
- Ludwig Wittgenstein, philosopher

Evidence suggests that learning new languages can improve listening and writing skills, boost creativity and sharpen the mind. It can broaden horizons and open doors to all sorts of opportunities. To motivate our pupils, our Language department aims to:

  • Give each pupil the chance to learn at least one foreign language
  • Trial different languages from an early age
  • Encourage advanced language learning
  • Introduce a wide range of languages through extra-curricular clubs
  • Support native language speakers who are keen to share their cultural knowledge

Our language options are:

Juniors (Years 3 to 5)The ‘Introduction to Languages’ programme allows all pupils to have a ‘taster year’ of each of the three languages offered to introduce them to the basics of French in Year 3, Spanish in Year 4 and Latin in Year 5.
Year 6

Latin and either French or Spanish is offered to all pupils in Year 6 who do no access the Learning Development Centre. 

Year 7A choice of two out of Latin, French and Spanish for upper band pupils, with French or Spanish offered to lower band.
Year 8A choice of two out of Latin, French and Spanish for upper band pupils, with French or Spanish offered to lower band. If pupils join in Y8 they must have studied a language to a certain level to be able to continue at Millfield Senior School. Please contact Admissions for further details.
Learning Development CentreA part-time Spanish Conversation Course is offered to Years 6-8 pupils who attend the Learning Development Centre full-time; this course focuses on conversational skills and topics. NB pupils who follow the Conversation Course cannot continue to study Spanish at Millfield Senior School except under exceptional circumstances. This is Senior School policy.

Extra-Curricular Mandarin, German, French, Spanish and Russian – available to all years by private arrangement.

We are keen for our pupils to become familiar with the culture of the language they are learning both in and outside the classroom. For example, there are educational trips to France, Italy and Spain and pupils enjoy activities on the European Day of Languages, as well as theatre and film trips, a Spanish pen-pal scheme and other extra-curricular activities.

Latin is also offered as a taster in Year 5 and to sets in Years 6, 7 and 8. See the Latin page.