Religious Studies

The Religious Studies department aims to create an understanding of religious concepts at an age-appropriate level, looking at the key areas of beliefs and values, worship and symbols, festivals and celebrations, world religion, origins and founders, sacred texts, mystery and meaning, and people of faith.

Some of the key aims of the subject are to:
•    Help pupils in their search for a meaning and purpose to life
•    Create an awareness and respect for the religious side of life
•    Discuss some of the basic moral issues in life
•    Encourage pupils to be tolerant and respect others
•    Introduce pupils to other religions and cultures

A diverse and stimulating programme
Throughout the Junior Department, Religious Studies is taught within the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), with a focus on religion around the world in a topic based approach. 
In Year 7 pupils study Abrahamic faiths – Christianity, Islam and Judaism.  Look at places of worship, key festivals and most importantly what unites the three major world religions.
In Year 8 we study Philosophy and ask big questions such as: ‘Is there a God?’ ‘Why is there suffering in the world?’ We develop our debating skills and study important religious leaders.  

Pupils views:

‘RS is important because we need to understand everyone so we can help in our world’

‘We need to understand the religions around the world so that they can be understood’

‘There is often no right or wrong so we can think for ourselves’ 

‘It is about you and others and it makes us think!’