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Boys' House

Houseparents: Mark and Chantal Collins
Assistant Houseparent: Matthew James
Liaison tutor: Barry McNulty
Tel: 01458 837236

Berewall became a Millfield Prep boarding house in around 1995. Before that it was a farm, and then a guest house.

Berewall has an excellent location - the most beautiful setting away from the school, yet close enough for easy access. Outside at Berewall there is a tennis court and lots of space for the boys to play.

Since September 2017, the new houseparents of Berewall are Mark and Chantal Collins. Chantal has been an assistant houseparent at Berewall for 11 years and is Head of Netball at Millfield Prep. She also teaches PE and PSHEE. Mark runs the boarding house. They have two children who attend Millfield Prep.

Mark and son, Seth, enjoy playing and supporting football (Liverpool FC), fishing and golf. In the holidays the family heads off to Devon for long dog walks by the sea.