Edgarley Manor - Boys

Houseparents: Dan and Menna Close
Assistant Houseparent: Barry McNulty
Liaison Tutor: Amy Chatwin
Tel: 01458 836240
Email: edgarleymanor@millfieldprep.com

Edgarley Manor is located in the hamlet of Edgarley, directly opposite the Prep School campus. Edgarley Manor used to be a working farm. It was almost certainly a Manor house as it still has the servants' bells in the hall and a cart cleaning area that is now a pond. The house opened in 1990 as a boys' house and was then a girls' house from 1992 to 1998, when it reverted to a boys' house again. A new block was added to provide further dorms.

There is lots of outside space at Edgarley, with fields, tennis courts and a adjoining golf course. 

Dan and Menna Close have been houseparents since 2004. Dan is also Deputy Head of the Prep School, teaches history, and is the first team rugby coach. Menna is a sports teacher, coaching gymnastics, trampolining and netball. Prior to joining Millfield, Dan and Menna taught abroad at international schools in Singapore and Kuwait.

Outside school, Dan and Menna's interests include travel, cycling, cricket and photography. Dan and Menna's two children both attended Millfield Prep and Millfield School and are now in further education.