Hollies - Girls

Houseparents: Adam and Abby Stubbs
Assistant Houseparent: Kim Morgan-Hughes
Liaison tutor: Amy Denbee and Sarah Hutchinson
Tel: 01458 837774
Email: hollies@millfieldprep.com

First opened in September 2003, Hollies offers purpose-built modern, comfortable and well-equipped accommodation for girls.

Hollies aims to provide a relaxed and supportive 'home from home' while the girls are at Millfield Prep. The staff and their sense of caring, combined with Hollies' wonderful facilities enable pupils to develop their qualities, fulfil their potential and enjoy every aspect of school life.

Hollies is located next to the other girls' boarding house, Champion, allowing the girls to meet up easily and spend time together.

Adam Stubbs is the Director of Boarding for Millfield Prep and runs Hollies along with his wife, Abby, and their two children. Adam was previously housemaster at the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe but has also held the roles of Head of Year and Head of PE. Abby is a qualified geography teacher with a Masters in Education and is Head of Year 6 at Millfield Prep.