Religion & Spiritual Life

At Millfield Prep, we foster a spirit of understanding and tolerance of all faiths. Although assemblies are Christian in their nature they focus on those ideas and values which are held in common by the world's great religions and also to those of no faith. Love, kindness, compassion, care for our environment, understanding the world around us, love of ourselves and others.

Michèle Kitto is the School Chaplain.

Services and Assemblies

Assembly for the whole school is held on Thursday mornings, which the Chaplain leads and on a Tuesday she takes an assembly for the Pre-Prep. Year group chapel services are held each week in St Georges’ Chapel. Sunday Chapel services are held for boarders once a month.

We have a Carol Service in Wells Cathedral and whole school services for Harvest, Remembrance Day, Easter and our Leavers’ Service.

There is an annual Confirmation Service at Wells Cathedral at the start of the summer term which many pupils prepare for throughout the year with a retreat day in the spring term.

Chapel Club is an informal gathering of pupils to chat, eat cake and importantly discuss faith, this meets twice a week and is open to all pupils.

Our Roman Catholic Pupils have Mass in Glastonbury on a Saturday evening once a month followed by a supper with the Chaplain and a Mass in our own chapel during Saturday tutor time. Father Bede, the local priest, takes these services and can be contacted about Confirmation into the RC Church (which usually takes place from Year 9).