Academic Endeavour Dinner

  • Pupils at Academic Endeavour Dinner with the Headmistress of Millfield Prep

Written by Stasha and Jasmine in Year 8.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the Academic Endeavor Dinner at Mr and Mrs Shayler’s house.

We were welcomed with drinks and a three-course meal which was delicious, especially the Knickerbocker Glory for dessert!

This meal was a reward for the hard work and endeavour that we have shown towards our academic studies. We talked about our favourite school trips and what trips we would like to do in the future. We also discussed ideas on how we could improve the school timetable. We were very thankful that we got this amazing opportunity.

Thank you very much, from Stasha C, Jasmine T, Hollie T, Connie F, Adam W, Patrick M, Jack Friel and Raum E.