First virtual reality History lesson in Canterbury Cathedral

Year 7 had the opportunity for the very first time to tour Canterbury Cathedral, a historical site linked to their current study of the former Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket, using virtual reality headsets.

With the introduction of ClassVR and training by Mr Ford before the start of term, the Humanities Department have been working to develop the technology into lessons to support pupil’s understanding of their subject.

With so much potential to bring History, RS and Geography to life in the classroom through VR, the department are also starting to make their own content using a 360 camera.

In pairs, the Year 7 pupils described what they saw in a virtual tour of Canterbury Cathedral, where they were all transported to the interior and made links between what they saw and their knowledge of the final minutes of Becket’s life.

The pupils were challenged to identify certain features of the Cathedral from the floor plan and to communicate their thoughts to one another, which really helped them to write their accounts of Becket’s life.