Millfield Prep pupils build robots and develop video games

The Computing and ICT Department has had a busy start to the term, with lots of programming and coding being done by a number of different year groups.

Year 3 have been introduced to sequencing using the Purple Mash platform and the 2Logo application. The pupils used the ‘repeat’ facility to create different shapes as well as trying to program their simple letters.

Year 5 have been using the EV3 Lego robots connected to the class iPads via Bluetooth. Using different sensors attached to the robots, the pupils were challenged to program them to move forward, backwards and change direction.

Year 7 have continued to develop their Pac Man style game using the Scratch programming language, which had a major update over the Christmas holidays. The pupils used different programming blocks and learned to create their own variables. The pupils were tasked to add a timing and scoring system to their game as well as introducing bonus objects.